By Accupoint / 18.01.18
Design Website to Increase Conversion Rates

Companies allocate a hefty budget to design or redesign their website with a hope that an attractive website will allure more traffic and increase sales. Even if you spend a fortune and create a brilliant website, the main purpose may not be resolved. Today, the options of designing are unlimited and your designer could implement them to create a wow factor. But, will that work for you?

While planning your official website or redesigning it, do some homework. A good website design is beyond font, colors and layouts. Here are some tips that may help you to have an effective website:

1. Keep it simple

Most of the time business owners expect that the designer will create a beautiful website that will impress their clients. How impressive the website maybe; if it does not serves the purpose of the users it will not work. To have more visitors, a website must allow users to perform their tasks easily and quickly. Take for example the Google search engine site or your gmail site. They present everything in simple and symmetrical manner. Clean and ordered website always improves conversion rates.

2. Understand the users’ requirements

Most of the time, the designers, received mails from their clients, asking them to set up a website like their competitor or include videos and graphics in their site. In doing so, they lose their actual focus. While discussing the designing requirements with your web development firm, present them data based on your visitors and their requirements. Chalk the path you would like the visitors to take within your website. Clearly demonstrate what action you ultimately want them to take.Remember, the visitors will quit your site as soon as they are little disoriented.

3. Focus on the right content

Design will not solve any purpose in absence of right content. Great design only enriches the effectiveness of your content. There is a dilemma in the web development industry whether to start with the content or designing? Though the approach varies from one website to another, it is better to begin with some content. Few content elements that may help a designer to prepare a unique and target oriented websites are:

  • Call to actions
  • Core Message
  • Headlines
  • Social Media Accounts

The success of a website depends upon the relevant content that delivers exact message to your target audience and persuade them to take action.

4. Make your website load faster

A content heavy site or a website stuffed with images take long time to load. Simple optimization technique can boost up speed.

5. Create mobile friendly site

At present, if you do not have mobile presence you will surely loose the race. You need to have an integrated website for your mobile visitors as well. Always keep in mind that the website must look good in mobile and is fully functional in such a small screen.

6. Maintain Consistency

The appearance of your site must match what you are trying to sell. If you already have a company logo, match the color of your site with that. Go through the site of Coca Cola, red and white dominates. The e-commerce site Amazon has a plethora of products. They keep their site color neutral, so that every product can use it.

Understand your users’ requirements and present them with a simple, clean and clutter free website. This will definitely boost up your conversion rate.