By Accupoint / 08.02.18
Tricks To Know While Using Ionic App Development

For a fairly long time, companies are looking for ways to position their finished products in different mobile platforms with minimum or no effort. So far, many frameworks are released to make things easier. But, these tools fall short in some respect or the other. Ionic framework is pretty useful for building multi-platform applications.

Ionic framework is an open source software development kit that developers can use to build hybrid mobile apps for both android and iOS platform. It uses HTML 5, Angular JS and SASS. Cordova and Phonegap applications integrate with Ionic that makes it easier to create, compile, run and export mobile apps. It also continuously adds new features to enhance performance.

Ionic mobile app has made the jobs of the developers quite easy. Here are a few tricks that you need to know before you start using the framework for developing the apps:

Consider Yeoman Generator

Yeoman generator is a plugin which allows to quickly setting up pre-configured projects. It allows developers to quickly position a prototype of the mobile application. While Ionic generators have some excellent elements; you may like to customise your developmental environment. Tools such as platform integrator, different emulators, code coverage support and JavaScript linters help to make your application better.

Use Crosswalk

With numerous platform variations in the market, it is difficult to provide a uniform user experience through single hybrid mobile application. Especially on Android, WebViews significantly differs from one device to another. The accompanied features and their capabilities also changes across different versions.

This leads to poor performance of the app. The appearance of the app varies on different android versions and developers require specific CSS to fix each of them. Because of this reason, it is very important to use Crosswalk. It will provide your app the same environment across all devices. Crosswalk has a downside- it increases your app size. But the huge benefit of saving hundreds of man hours from a project definitely makes it necessary choice.

Caching is effective

Since introduction of Crosswalk make your apps a little heavier which slowdown the speed, it is essential to introduce tactic that will increase the speed. There are numerous ways that the developers can use; caching is the easiest way that increases the speed of Ionic apps.

Caching compresses and removes unnecessary content. It results in a lightweight mobile app

Use the available resources

One of the greatest advantages of building a hybrid mobile application is the presence of third party plugins and library that can be often used for free. When you are making plans on the app’s architecture or thinking of adding a new feature- make sure to check the existing resources. If you have the fear that everyone will be using them, these are easy to customise.

Native is always better

When the mobile app integrates well into the operating system, it provides users an awesome experience. And Ionic SDK uses Platform Device Classes to give users platform specific look and feel. Windows, Android and iOS all have their specific classes. Based on the device you are using to view a project, Ionic automatically adds classes. So that you can enjoy a seamless native look and feel. Ionic can also add classes on the basis of OS versions.

Ionic is an excellent solution to accelerate the development process. It easily integrates with other frameworks and hence makes the job of developers easier.

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