By Accupoint / 27.04.18
Important Facts That You Should Know About Web UI Design

Every web designer learns from experience and gradually sharpens his tools to come up with websites that their clients find useful and aesthetically brilliant. However, there are also times when a web designer is not really sure of what he is doing. Is it better to use a specific form of layout or go ahead with something else? Should one opt for a specific colour and font or go with a different combination? Here are some things that a web designer should remember if he is to achieve success for best UI Design.

First impressions are often the last impressions

Aesthetic looks are totally important to users. Most users will leave a website and try to find an alternative to it if they do not like the overall look of the website. An improperly designed website makes a visitor uncomfortable and they find it difficult to trust such a website. Naturally, a site that is unable to incite trust won’t be able to generate business from the target users. A designer should always stick to simple features and choose aesthetic elements that are not out of place with the business or the products and services that it has to offer.

The page loading time should be kept low

While designing a website, a web designer should make sure not to load the site pages with large images and features that would take a lot of time to load. Statistics reveal that most site visitors would not wait for long when they see a website is taking long to load. In fact, they are likely to find an alternate website when they find that they have to wait for long in order for a site to open. In fact, statistics reveal that 47% of users expect a web page to load within 2 seconds or even less time. Moreover, 39% users will stop to engage with a website when they find that the images are taking a long time to load.

Diving content appropriately is important

A user visits a website in order to have access to some content. Therefore it is important to provide the user with the relevant content as it increases the value of the site. However, it is not just enough to present with large chunks of content all in one go. The designer should plan on dividing the content in effective, digestible pieces so that the visitor can navigate through the content easily without feeling overwhelmed. By dividing the content into small pieces, it is possible to provide the user the freedom and flexibility to move through the content easily.

Websites should be responsively designed for mobiles

More and more people are nowadays choosing to use their mobiles for accessing websites. Hence it is extremely important for web designers to create websites in a way that delivers a positive experience that mirrors the same kind of efficiency

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